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Fermenter Tool

Fermenter Tool (en)

Optimization of the fermentation process increases the amount and quality of the final product. The balance of the nutrient medium and compliance with the optimal substrate flow profiles are the key factors for the best results. The imbalance causes the biomass to start feeding on the useful product, which reduces the process efficiency and lowers the quality of the final product.

FermenterTool - a software package based on an Integrated Mathematical Model of Development (IMMD) which describes a broad class of fermentation processes.

- simulates the dynamics of a given process,
- predicts the course of the process at optimal conditions
- calculates the optimal flow profiles of substrates and other parameters needed to achieve maximum results.
FermenterTool reduces consumption of expensive components, reduces the fermentation time, reduces maintenance costs, and, ultimately, increases the quantity and quality of the useful product.

Any kind of biosynthesis includes two kinds of processes which we can name "positive" and "negative". Minimizing the "negative "process improves the productivity of the system - accelerates and increases the fermentation yield of the desired product.

FermenterTool handles only S-shaped curves of biomass growth, distinctive of batch processes. Here is an example.

The dots indicate the experimental values of biomass, which the user enters into the program FermenterTool. The program then calculates the number of dividing and non-dividing cells, shown in green and blue lines. The model shows that the fermentation process was not completed. The program calculates the optimal flow dynamics of the process with the highest biomass yield.

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And this is how the curve of the accumulation of product looks like. The dots indicate the experimental values of the product which are entered into the program by the user. The model calculates the parameters for the predicted yield and optimum flow dynamics of the process with the highest yield. Fermentertool then shows if the process can be established in a way to result in a higher yield or take less time.
Using the results of the calculation FermenterTool provides the profile of the necessary replenishment required for optimum process to achieve the forecast indicators.
To use the program, the user needs to upload the experimental data and launch the calculation on the fermentertool.com website. The result is a report with a detailed description of the process and its possible improvements.
For more than twenty years the unique model laid down in the FermenterTool program has been tested at various fermentation processes aerobic and anaerobic bacteria, fungi, yeasts, cell cultures for vaccine production, probiotics, antibiotics, amino acids, proteins, recombinant drugs, citric and other organic acids and improvements in many other processes. For example, the use of this model in the production of the Gramicidin-S antibiotic increased product yield by 1.7 times. Manufacturers of vaccines and probiotics can control cell survival under cultivation.
We invite all professionals in the field of fermentation, students in related disciplines to use the FermenterTool program. Rate the optimality of your fermentation and find ways to improve it. We hope that this tool will become your regular working tool and will help you quickly reach desired goals.

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